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This affects you if you rely on cell phones to connect with your family, friends, or work. It affects you if you use your cell phone during emergencies or just to look up directions or local businesses. This is your opportunity to get better wireless service for you and your neighbors.

All Elk Grove residents benefit from improved Verizon Wireless service, even non-Verizon Wireless customers. First, the small cell network will relieve congestion on the Verizon Wireless network serving Elk Grove by providing additional capacity to address demands for service. This added capacity improves Verizon Wireless’s network for all of Elk Grove by off-loading calls and data demands from existing facilities. Second, these enhancements will improve network service for Elk Grove first responders. Finally, should another wireless carrier’s network fail, the Verizon Wireless network is available to all users for emergency calls and text messages.

The City of Elk Grove Police and Cosumnes Fire leverage the Verizon Wireless Network for vital communications across a broad range of emergency situations, from patient coordination between ambulance EMTs and hospital emergency rooms, to protecting officers in the field by providing vital off-radio channels for police work. Additionally, cellular service is vital in fire and earthquake-prone areas.

At home, the Verizon Wireless Network is leveraged for more than staying connected with friends and family or entertainment online. The Network supports home security monitoring, connectivity for home health monitoring devices or even tracking a lost pet.

90% of US households use wireless service. With this increase in demand from users at home and those who work from home comes the need for more facilities to meet the customer needs. Citizens need access to 911 and reverse 911 and wireless may be their only connection. (CTIA, June 2015)

The wireless future is here with small cells.

To stay ahead of demand, Verizon is deploying new technology, commonly referred to as small cells. A small cell network adds coverage, capacity, and increases connection speed so that more users can connect to reliable high-speed wireless service where they live, work and play. Small cells are part of a macro-micro cellular communication coverage umbrella enabling information flow between traditional cell sites and small cells. This architecture provides higher quality of service and increased capacity to a dedicated geographic location. Small cell architecture enhances the network for users in the selected geographic small cell area. The increased communication quality benefits customers during normal communication use and emergencies.

Small cells are a fraction of the size of traditional communication facilities, use a fraction of the power and serve a much smaller area than traditional cell sites. The reduced size allows the small cells to attach to existing utility poles and light standards.


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    Improved Service

    Since the launch of the smart phone more than 10 years ago, Verizon Wireless has been introducing new technologies to meet service capacity demands. Today, reliable service and in-building coverage are essential to the everyday lives of Elk Grove residents, commuters and workers. Over the past year, the demand for Verizon Wireless voice and data services has nearly doubled and network enhancements are required to keep up with this ever‐increasing demand. Maintaining a highly reliable, high-speed, high-capacity network is also critical to emergency communications. Elk Grove residents, commuters and workers depend on this reliability of the Verizon Wireless network, especially to communicate with emergency professionals during times of crisis – including police, fire, ambulance and hospital calls.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why is Verizon Wireless proposing small cells for Elk Grove?

    Demand for wireless service is expected to increase seven times by 2023. The increased use of smart phones, tablets, health monitors and other wireless devices in every-day life relies on the Verizon Wireless network. A small cell network will add capacity and improve in-building coverage in Elk Grove neighborhoods. Small cell networks will improve voice quality, reliability and data speeds for Elk Grove residents, businesses, first responders and visitors using the Verizon Wireless network.

    2. Is there any benefit to me from the small cells network if I am not a Verizon Wireless customer?

    Yes. You will benefit if you contact a Verizon Wireless customer or if a Verizon Wireless customer calls you. Additionally, Cosumnes Fire and the Elk Grove Police operate using the Verizon Wireless network. Without improvements to the network, lives could be at stake. If the rest of the phone system goes down during a disaster, battery backup will continue to provide at least four crucial hours of service.

    3. Are small cells safe?

    The Federal Communications Commission, in consultation with multiple federal agencies, sets federal government safety standards regarding small cells. Those standards have wide safety margins and are designed to protect everyone, including children, and were established after close examination of research that scientists in the US and around the world conducted for decades. The research continues to this day, and agencies continue to monitor it.

    Scientists have studied potential health effects of RF emissions from cell phones for decades. Based on all the research, federal agencies have concluded that equipment that complies with the safety standards poses no known health risks. And advisers to the World Health Organization have specifically concluded that the same goes for 5G equipment. In fact, the RF safety standards adopted by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are even more conservative than the levels adopted by some international standards bodies.

    FCC: The FCC provides information about the safety of RF emissions from cellular base stations on its website at:

    FDA: The Food and Drug Administration’s Cell phone website.

    EPA: The Environmental Protection Agency’s overview of cell phone safety: Cell phone safety.